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Rebuilt Originals For Sale

CFI stocks a large supply of rebuilt originals. No core charges, no exchange necessary.

All distributors below are restored and rebuilt to factory specifications with advance curve provided. No core exchange needed. Condenser and breaker points are included. Cap and rotor are extra, as priced. Note: the availability of brown distributor caps is limited. Black caps are standard, brown caps are an additional charge ($20) based on availability.

BR18 - $540 (add $35 for cap and rotor)

022 - $540 (add $35 for cap and rotor)

BR9 - $500 (add $35 for cap and rotor)

BRS 383 - $625 (email for flat cap and rotor)

031/061 - $395 (add $35 for cap and rotor)

050 - $250 (add $35 for cap and rotor)

VW 010, 019, & Screamer - $410 (add $35 for cap and rotor)

VW Bosch (Germany) 009 - $275 (add $35 for cap and rotor)

Aftermarket (import) 009 complete - $75 

Early 911 (Bosch and Marelli) - ask

Others - many available for VW, Mercedes, Volvo, Alfa, and others 

Rebuilt and fully restored Zenith carburetor pairs with fuel set-up and testing. Ready to install in your car and tune. No core exchange needed.

DVG 24mm NORMAL - $775/ea. ($1550/pair)

DVG 28mm SUPER - $800/ea. ($1600/pair)

PALLAS (1957 only) - $825/ea. ($1650/pair)

Limited stock, solid and split shaft - email for availability

Rebuilt and fully restored original factory fuel pumps with leak and pump pressure testing. Ready to install in your car and tune. No core exchange needed.

Original DVG fuel pumps for 356 Pre-A/A/B  - $375

Original APG fuel pumps for 356C/912 - $475


Rebuilding Services           

Prices include rebuilding costs if all other components are in good condition.  Costs associated with replacing or repairing missing or broken parts, excessive cleaning, or modification are additional. For other repair work, minor rebuilds, or replacement parts, please inquire. Contact information can be found at the bottom of the page.

Cast iron body (BR18, 022, BR9, 383, 019, 010, and others) - rebuild and restoration - $285  

Aluminum body (031 and 061) - rebuild and restoration - $235

Add new black cap and rotor - $35 (4-cyl) 
Add new brown cap and rotor - $55 (4-cyl)
Replace Bosch ID tag (if available) - $45+

Bore and bush or re-bush for radial shaft play (as needed) - $100

Rebuilding includes stripping/painting body factory black, plated clips and condenser bracket, and new hardware. Standard rebuild parts are new shims, washers, insulators, screws, slider plate, clips, felt pads, and spade. Condenser and points are included in all rebuilds.  
Functional tests include electrical resistance, breaker point tension, cam lobe accuracy, breaker alignment, point dwell and variation, centrifugal advance calibration, and vacuum advance/retard (when applicable).  Shaft play is tested and end play is adjusted to <0.1mm as per spec. Advance springs are always inspected, tested for tension, and replaced with new if needed to achieve proper advance curve.

Loaner distributors available, please inquire.

Restore / rebuild / set-up  - $625/ea. ($1250/pair)

Includes chemical cleaning of base and top, flattening mating surfaces, brightening the base and top, stripping and refinishing the throttle body, resurfacing all screw heads and fasteners, and zinc electroplating all hardware. Standard parts are new gaskets, seals, washers, accelerator pump, float valve, idle mixture screws, and throttle plates (butterflies). Jetted to spec. or settings as requested. Replacement of missing, worn or damaged parts extra. All fuel adjustments are made (float level, pump volume) and leak tested, ready to install on your engine and fine tune.



Full rebuild, restoration, and testing - $255

A/B cover top - $65

Standard parts are diaphragm, gasket, filter, springs, washers, clips, screws, valves (A/B), valve springs (A/B), and cover bolt. Replacement of damaged or leaking A/B cover top extra ($65). Replacement of other worn or missing parts extra.


CFI is located in Penfield, New York

For details and contact information, please email the link below