CFI is a couple of Porsche car guys. We specialize in rebuilding and providing restored original parts for early vintage Porsches. We also provide service and sales for other European cars including early VW, Alfa Romeo, Volvo, Mercedes, Renault, Opel, and others.



Send us yours for repair or we can sell you a restored original. No exchange or core necessary.  

  • Return fuel and ignition systems to factory performance
  • Upgrade performance to match engine specs.
  • Factory like-new appearance with complete restoration
  • Replace aftermarket parts with restored originals
  • We only use OEM or high quality replacement components




Drive your car!


Repairs and original replacements for classic Porsches and other makes. Large inventory of original cores. Re-curving is available and advance curves are always provided. Match your ignition system to your car for best performance

Clean, rebuild with new throttle plates, and set-up starting at $500/pair. See pricing page for full details. Plenty of date matched originals in stock. It's been a busy season for carbs so please contact us for current lead times.

Clean and rebuild with new throttle plates. Full restoration and plating. New shaft bushings and throttle shaft boring. Split to single shaft conversions available. See pricing page for full details. It's been a busy season for carbs so please contact us for current lead times.

Plenty of originals in stock or send us yours. We can fix the variety of problems plaguing your pump. Custom made brass valve seats to replace worn and leaky ones. All parts in stock, including replacement covers. 

  Weber Carbs

We are now an official supplier of genuine WEBER carbs and parts from Redline USA. We can rebuild your European Weber 40 IDFs and also supply full carbs and kits. Please contact us for details.


We are located in Penfield, New York 

For details and contact information please click on the email link below