Replacement Parts

Contact us for these and other parts for your own rebuilding needs. All of our replacement parts and rebuild kits are made specifically for Zenith 32NDIX Porsche carburetors.

32NDIX Butterflies - New with correct 8° taper. Eliminate air leaks at the throttle body.  A must for any Zenith carburetor rebuild. $40/pair w/screws.


Accelerator Pump Link Arms - Exact reproductions with brass body and wide LH nut to replace or repair bent or broken arms. Hardware included. $75 ea.

Return Springs - Exact new replacements for worn and rusty springs.  Old springs should not be re-plated as they can become brittle without the proper post-treatment. $9 ea.

Zenith Carburetor Tops - Reconditioned, mating surfaces flattened, fuel ports repaired and with good hold-down tab. No core needed. $115 ea.

Zenith 32DNIX Main Jets - New brass main jets sized to factory spec.  Slotted ends.  Specify orifice size from 100 (1.0mm) to 150 (1.5mm). $18 ea.

Zenith 32NDIX Throttle Shafts - New to factory spec. with 8x1.25mm threaded ends.  Replacement nuts included. $85 ea.

Zenith Cast Iron Throttle Bodies - Cleaned and painted black, no shaft or butterflies/screws. $115 ea.